768_minLux Studio provides professional editing services to a wide range of clients including individuals and businesses. We have helped clients present their written communications in a language that is clear, well expressed and consistent, while respecting and retaining their individual voice.

Our team members come from a wide diversity of backgrounds that ranges from academic, accounting, IT, engineering, to the medical industry. Our past projects have covered a wide range of documents including books, magazine articles, academic theses, dissertations, journal articles, conference papers, blogs, academic reports, website text, training manuals, policy documents, government and non-government reports, business documents, and many more.


Our editing fees are just AUD $0.05 per word

Tables, figures, and references are AUD $0.02 per word. Formulas are assumed to be accurate and will not be edited.

If you wish to resubmit your edited manuscript for further revisions, you will pay only AUD $0.03 per word for text actually altered.

Interested? Contact us today and we will get your project started right away.